Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Goal.com MLS MVP Rankings

I ran across Goal.com today and their MVP race in the MLS. Shane Evans put it together. While, as of this moment, I haven't found any other MVP rankings for the MLS I decided to match it up against my own Player rankings.

His list is as follows. My Overall Player Ranking in parentheses.

1. Javier Morales (2)
2. Faryd Mondragon (A GK, I don't rank... yet)
3. Landon Donovan (120)
4. Thierry Henry (1)
5. Davide Chiumiento (169)

I hit on two of them (or should I say; HE hit on two of them). Donovan is an interesting choice. He been solid but really only had one stand out week offensively. I do expect him to move up though. Chiumiento is low partly because of the team he is on because I take into account that each player is responsible for keeping the little spherical thing out of the net thing. Especially in the rough and tumble MLS. The other part is... well, I don't know. He is the league leader in assists with 5 in 5 games but Collen Warner for RSL has 2 in 2 games played, with less minutes played p/GM. Too early to tell (statistically) on 2 or even 5 games. A lot of season left. Well see if Chiumiento can keep it up.

Nicholas Rosano, also over at Goal.com keeps up with the best XI each week (even if he did spell Heath Pearce's name wrong, it is a good list). I was happy to see some of my highest rated players there too.

Gives me hope with the crazy I have going on for figuring player ratings in the MLS.

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