Saturday, April 23, 2011

Richard Eckersley vs. The Crew

Not sure what else to title this post in regards to the Toronto FC vs. Crew game today. So, there you go. It makes about as much sense as the game played today.

This was the 2nd worst refereed soccer game I've ever seen. The worst? Last week, when the Crew played SPORTING KC (referee: Juan Guzman).

A circus this game was. We had a fight (scrum) and a yellow for excessive celebration. All totaled: Six Yellow Cards, One Red on 29 fouls and it could have been more. In the end the game ended in a draw. 1-1.

The Crew moved Gaven back to mid-field and had Heinemann and Renteria up front in the second half. I think this is for the best. I'm hoping to see it again next week.

Dilly Duka was all over the field today but his touches were often out of control. I liked is effort though.

Seb Miranda was my player of the match. He was the most consistent throughout and served up an assist to Renteria.

My scrub of the game was Julius James. I feel he cost the Crew complaining to the ref early in the match setting the stage for multiple yellows.

Oh, Richard Eckersely played. Who is that? Played a short stint with Manchester United. He is currently "owned" by Burnley and on loan to Toronto. I guess I'm just looking for some sense in what I saw today.

The draw today extends the not loosing to Toronto streak to, well, since the rivalry started. There is a Cup associated with is rivalry called the Trillium. Toronto has never won it.

One word to sum up the whole experience today with the Crew and Toronto?


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