Friday, April 22, 2011

Dominic Oduro

Ahhh, Dominic. You're poking holes in my stats. You and four others in the MLS have already changed teams this year during the season and have me questioning my Productivity rating over there. Plus the fact that you have only played 39 minutes with Chicago and 29 with Houston. HOWEVER! You are packing a punch in that short time. I think this will sort itself out.

Who is Dominic Oduro? He is from Ghana. Played at VCU! If somebody is willing... please update his Wiki page. ??? ??? Poor fella.

While I'm at it... - Please fix your Monterrey v. Real Salt Lake score. 4 - nothing is a tad bit different then 2-2.



Dominique said...

I love Dominic Oduro. Chicago is great for his career so far :-D

Larry W Johnson II said...

Yes it has been. Lots of love for Oduro here. and for Ghana. would like to see him in a crew shirt, columbus isn't that far away!