Thursday, April 7, 2011

Liverpool LeBron

Or LeBron "Red" Liverpool is now a minority owner of the team. I don't like LeBron. Booooo. But... this is a good thing. I'll get to that in a minute.

The Reds have won 18 division championships in the club's 119-year history. And on that: To quoteth "The King" LeBron on his new minority ownership of a silly English football team:

"Eighteen championships, I see myself trying to do the same things they have."

What an egotistical jackasshole.

What am I even suppose to think of that statement. I mean... to assume that LeBron has any comprehension of how long 119 years is would be a stretch and... oh, why bother.

LeBron's high school buddy (LRMR Chief Exec, Maverick Carter) help close this deal.

Now. Why this is a good thing? LeBron brings attention and loves attention. Just the mere fact that soccer is on this dudes radar means that the sport has made massive inroads around the USA.

While Liverpool just gained a million jerks as fans, the sport as a hole just moved the popularity needle. Sorry Liverpool, but it may be for the greater good. Even if it means that I might get FSC in HD out here.

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