Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rusmir and Prim dropped, Ben Olsen on the Cover of FIFA 2001

Dejan Rusmir was the 6th highest paid player on the team ($170k). He made 13 starts in the middle and team posted a record of 5 wins, 3 draws, 5 loses in those starts. Based in the Serbian's performance with the team last season, I had him valued at 35% less then his actual salary. Rusmir has heavy feet but excellent vision and good ball placement. He was the only player on the team left from Europe or the UK.

Santiago Prim's release leaves unanswered questions($32k) because I'm not sure it hurt too much to have him aboard. He didn't see time on the senior squad but seemed to be a regular on the reserve team later in the year. I never saw him play.

Pretty sure Rusmir might pop back up in MLS, but my thoughts go out to both guys.

Complete list of players dropped.

Received a copy of FIFA 2001 in the mail yesterday. Goes with my MLS Extratime I got on Monday. Ben Olsen is on the cover with some glorious hair.


Unknown said...

please send the mls artwork and i'll have benny sign it on opening day. glorious, glorious hair.

Larry W Johnson II said...

gonna take you up on that