Sunday, November 27, 2011

Luke's Report

The only losing seasons the Ohio State football team has had in the past fifty (that's 5-0) years happened in 1988 and 1966. Insanity.

Right now the team is sitting on a 6-6 record, which qualifies them for a bowl game.

This season is far from the worst season the team has had in it's 122 year history (17 have been worse percentage wise), but a 7 loss season would mark the only time it's happened since David Farragut Edwards 1897 team.

Unless you are over the age of 114 yrs, you've never felt the sting of a 7 loss Buckeye season.

It'll be interesting to see what the NCAA and OSU Administration do. Will they let Coach Luke Fickell coach one more game or will they just call it a season.

File this post under; Most successful sports institution in the history of planet Earth.

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