Friday, November 11, 2011

Crew Player Value Analysis

Based on what all 504 players that saw minutes in Major League Soccer this year, the above is how I value each Crew player based on their performance. In light gray is how much each player makes now.

Overall, the Columbus Crew did well with player salaries. I valued all current players at $ 3.5 million and the team spent 3.2 million.

It is a weighted system that values overall team play and an individual's minutes on that team. After that are player efficiencies like goals/assists/shots/etc per 90 mins.

These player values are rooted strictly within crucible of MLS. I'm not valuing them against players in the rest of the world. I'm hoping to get to the Premier League here soon, but I'll never compare dollars to pounds, as it were. It is fruitless for me to do that right now. Let the market figure that out. As it will. Especially with more American ownership in England and the marketability of the American sports star.

The goal I set for myself at the start of the season was to understand talent in my domestic league. Not on a ridiculously statistically driven way, but in one where I could clearly state if a player was having an excellent, average or poor year. Or; if they contributed to a good season.

Why? No way I could watch (stomach) every game and evaluate each player. I spent some time with the Castrol Rank, yes. But it was time wasted because the only ranked players with the ball at their feet. What a deal breaker. I noticed it sort of faded away as they year went on anyway.

As much as I criticized Brian Bliss, I am today in a praising mood. His evaluation of certain players might be off but his overall valuation is good.

The Crew have won the Reserve League East Division Title and have a load of talent up and coming (EA's FIFA 12 and Football Manager 12 even say so). The future is bright for the Columbus Crew. But like Everton or Aston Villa, they need to be careful they just don't become a talent conduit for other teams.

Funny little time approaching for the Crew. It is one I'm watching closely because I want to see if they follow through on the team reshaping they started this time last year.

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