Sunday, November 6, 2011

XV. Only Interesting to Me

1. "I'm a great believer in the future of the game in this country. It has to be led by Americans." - Bruce Arena. Good piece in the LA Times yesterday where Arena talks about Major League Soccer's role in developing the sport and why he starts 9 US born players (NY started 9 foreign born against him). Got me thinking of how the Galaxy would do against our USMNT (Donovan wearing national colors even).

2. The Columbus Blue Jackets are Bad.
Very bad. Getting close to historically bad. Aaron Portzline writes: "The season from hell descended further into the depths last night..."

Jackets lost 9-2. It was 5-0 in the first period. The team is nowhere even close to crawling out of being the worst team in the 30 team league.

Columbus (the city) has really fouled this one up. Taking potential tax dollars earmarked for education to 'bail out' the team right before this season is one of the worst decisions I've ever experienced a city making.

IF THE TEAM CAN'T SELL TICKETS, IT CAN'T SELL TICKETS. Now change the word tickets to "cars".

The Jackets also convinced the local paper to get in on the deal to save the team. Thus the strong Portzline quote (he also dropped the word "massacre" in his article, which I never like in any sports article). Always love when a beat writer just loses it on his team.

2a. Crew Moving, rumors
More birds chirping about the team getting sold by the Hunt family. It's all but confirmed that they want to sell. MLS wants teams to be owned by different groups as well. I'd like to think that the Hunt family would sell to someone who wants to keep the team in Columbus but I don't see that happening.

Ohio, as a whole, isn't doing well. Population was statistically flat over the last 10 years (and it's not because it's an exclusive club keeping people out). Lots of weirdness going on (politically) because tax dollars are drying up. It'll only get weirder when the nation turns the spotlight on it next national election.

To the highest bidder, the team will go.

3. The first freeze.
Happened last week. A few days before the snow in the East (for the record). It has been nice since then though. 60s in November? Woohoo!

4. Pro-sports in Columbus
Not doing so hot. Sheesh.

5. Gears of War 3
Entertaining, but there are only so many bugs I can kill. The 2nd one was excellent in terms of gameplay and story. This one sort of goes off the rails story wise. Gameplay is still excellent though. Fluid and fast.

6. NHT
The Cobblers are struggling mightily this year. Lost a 3-2 one yesterday to the Gillingham. Gills had 2 PKs. Ugh. Not exactly champagne football being played in Northants. 20th on the table.


Unknown said...

crew: columbus losing the team there almost seems more devastating than if united moved.

hockey: didn't know you guys still had a hockey team. (ouch)

gaming: "The toughest vehicle in the world. Any world."

Larry W Johnson II said...

my heart sinks when i hear about the crew moving. there are business folks here that want to help the team. ohio is so centrally located, has fair share of hq's here. but it sounds like hunt fam only wants to reduce cost and increase rev and maintain affordable price tag (no sponsor or stadium improvements). feeling out the folks on the outside of the situation but work with the franchise it seems like a 50/50 chance on the move in the next 5. what stinks most is the apathy about it in the community.

lots of deep pockets on the coasts want a team. MLS wants a ownership break up, hunt's are set.

i fear that if the 'dare to be massive' campaign falls short it will be the first gotcha/see the town doesn't even like the team- moment.

hockey: very, very funny. mccracken said the same thing. almost to a word. blue jackets name links to civil war, can't beat that but they fire a cannon with full arms reg during games. next time i go i'm charging the nest with a rebel fucking yell. and. go caps.

i'll take the jeep in black, please.