Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Crew Talk...

Mid-November is quickly approaching and players are starting to talk about contracts. The always on it Graig Merz gave us our first gems of future Crew makeup, today.

He must have been down the street from today at the Obetz training facility talking with players. Great stuff... and I'll start with the best of it.

"I was really disappointed. I thought I had a really good season then I got a little sick before the Chicago game. I don’t know why I didn’t play in the playoffs."

"I think I had a pretty successful season. I only lost something like three games (out of his 15 starts) on the year."

My note here is the starter stat Mr. Burns threw out. It was pointed out a couple days ago on this site. I'm sure players watch it, but to use it in an interview was cool to see. He wasn't correct on his 3 game thing though. He lost 4 (won 7, drawn 4). Still the best record on the team.

ROBBIE ROGERS on playing "overseas":
"If the opportunity is right and the situation is right I would like to do it but I’m not going to just go overseas to go overseas. It doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve done that before."

Billy's Scouting Report: Mr. Rogers is a athletic kid, good build, super star looks and stays away from injury. 7 assists this year for the Crew. Not bad. But as a USMNT player looking for a contract? He should have done better. He also seems timid around goal. Frustrating thing is; he has the speed and size to be a great poacher. He has some chances coming up with the national team playing in Europe to impress. We'll see.

"I'm very optimistic. Nothing’s been signed yet but it’s moving along. Hopefully, something will happen soon."

In related news... the earth is still spinning.

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Robbie Rogers on twitter:
In Kaiserslautern w/ @kylebeckerman prolonging our season a bit... Not sure where I will be this next season but excited for the future!