Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Information on Crew Reserves

The Columbus Crew Reserve Team won the Eastern Table this year. Looks like they only lost one all year and had a +18 GD over those te... wait. Is that right? +18?

Not a lot of information out there on MLS Reserve League. In a league hellbent on parity, this reserve team league seems like a really good place to tuck money and effort in to. Especially since the spotlight isn't on it and some teams don't really support it well.

The reason the Reserves are being brought up here is because the they just beat the DC United team today. I'm not real familiar with Reserve League rules but I see some pretty big names in the game for both sides. Notably; Emilio Renteria for the Crew. Also, Kevin Burns was out there. Sigh. Not looking good for him returning to the team (scratching head). But, you know what? He did what he always does. Help get a win for the team.

DC had a couple bigger names out there too. Jakovic, King and Brettschneider played. Also Chris Korb, though don't know much about him (1020 mins with sr. team though. Smitty?)

The Crew worked out a couple new guys today as well. Non-roster guys. Both from Costa Rican team Orión FC Desamparados. That team isn't very good. Lost last three by a combined 11 goals to 3. The top league in Costa Rica is the PRIMERA DIVISIÓN.

The intrepid reporters around here leaving Crew fans a little empty handed so, courtesy of Google and Soccer Way:

25 yr. old, first year with Orion and looks like it's a good fit for the team. 4 goals from the MF, but on a bad team.

26 Mid from the same team. Seems to be collecting Yellows.

I reckon the bigger question is why these guys? Are they at the bottom of the table and want out? The team they play for are in the middle of their season and these guys are playing in over half the minutes. Interesting to me that they were brought up here for a workout. How did they find them. More importantly, how did they get them up here.

Sharing more information here as a bonus to the folks sticking around. Kevin Burns is valued decently (and increasingly) over at TransferMarkt. Also interesting that he his represented by the same folks that handle the greatest goal scorer in Crew (and possibly MLS) history, Stern John.

The site ain't perfect, but good enough.

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