Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Major League Soccer Needs The Charleston Battery

Throwing my hat in the ring for the 20th MLS team here. Major League Soccer needs to be careful of being too heartless. Too demographics driven. Too Florida has to work right? conclusions.

I heard a giant price tag was put on the 20th MLS team. Something like 100 mil. To the highest bidder? Massive mistake.

The rumors about Columbus leaving need to stop. You want to rip one of the beating hearts of the league out of the league? Go for it. This state has been conditioned for that type of disappointment.

The most passionate fans I've ever met are Browns fans.

I now go to "Browns Backers" games at a bar down the street on Sundays. Not so much because I'm a huge Browns fan, but because their fans are the best I've ever met. The fathers of Crew supporters (if I may).

Cleveland lost their beloved team for years for Christ sake. Yet there they are; the fans, in their work clothes, walking in from the extra weekend 12 hr shift at the foundry, to sit down, take a load off, have a beer and cheer the goddamn Browns.

The Browns make the NFL better. The Crew make MLS better.

Bring on Charleston. Bring on magical sea swept evenings. Humid nights. Bring on a team in the South. Bring on some of that mythology.

Handbags can go to NY and LA. Yield to the educated in Seattle, soccer mad in Portland / Vancouver and hand over the fools gold to the rest of the Great White North.

Let the real work happen in other cities.

More heart, please.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

see list at bottom of this article...

Larry W Johnson II said...

man. funny how the MLS sets it up the question, might as well be:

which is closest to the color blue?


light blue

any color other then blue


no preference

Unknown said...

devious. tuesday!