Monday, November 7, 2011

USA (+UK) Domestic League: Valuable Things

Major League Soccer is doing things right. Some things. The 9 PM start last night wasn't the right thing. Decent game but too late. WHY? Curious England watches MLS. Twitter says so. 9 PM start means 2 AM in jolly. Not exactly gin o'clock.

All those crazy, self hating Brits were watching the games last weekend. On too late this weekend. Move it up just a few hours and you have the largest soccer loving country watching. What is complicated about that math?

That said. MLS announced categories and nominated things of the year today.

Most are just to stir up interest and fan involvement from blogs and what not. Sheesh, so shallow (wait, umm).

Not a bad list of things. Cutting straight to the chase... MVP. De Ro, Shea, Brad Davis. Of the three I'd go with Brad Davis. I've already said Todd Dunivant was the outstanding performer of the year, but nobody listens. Look on the right for the others up there.

I have Davis at 7th. Shea at 12th. DeRo is all over. Three teams in the same year? If he stays with United next year, he will win it. He has enough passion for entire divisions, man.

Rookie of the Year warms my heart. C.J. Sapong. A NoVA born kid and Perry Kitchen (mid-west but on DC's squad) are nominated. Farfan the third guy on there. Hm. He should be under the Newcomer category.

All in all, fun to think about. Crew awards? In the most ill timed event of the season, the one that happened the weekend before the playoffs? Yeah. Please move they 'year end' event to after the playoffs next year, ya short sighted fools.

Here are my Crew awards:

Crew Rookie? Don't like the award because soccer players bounce around alot before getting into MLS, but I like Benardo Anor. If nothing else, because I got to meet him at Jimmy V's. Writers note: Heinemann isn't a rookie.

Newcomer? Tom Heinemann. 'nuff said already.

Crew MVP? Sebastian Miranda. Reckon he should win newcomer as well by default. But, whatever.

Best North Carolinian from a town named the same as half my family and my middle name on top of that? William Hesmer.

Wilson, NC. Great town. Good people. Hesmer. Long way from home cousin. You are one of the best in the league, work on that quickness and footwork and we'll see you next year.

That is all.

Last thing here; MASSIVE CITY FOOTBALL FAN CORPS has Helltown listed under their Crew List and I have to say; From one Impact font lovin' (yet, self depreciating) designer to another... honored. I know Bleeno and Smitty would say the same.

Honored. Truly.
Final Valuable Thing. Of the most valuable kind. Poppies and Remembrance Day. Will be thinking of my Nana (RAF, WWII) at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. I don't care if FIFA refs can pin a poppy on or not.

Look around you. Are your lights on? No bombs falling then?


Spare a moment on 11-11-11.


Unknown said...

Partial to DeRo, but you're right about next year.

See the Comeback Player of the Year Finalists?

* David Beckham (LA Galaxy)
* Charlie Davies (D.C. United)
* Dominic Oduro (Chicago Fire)

Davies needs it. I think he's depressed.

Great to see 3 United players on the lists. Perry Kitchen was super solid in the back for us, and he'll probably replace Clyde Simms as DMF next year. But, I think Sapong deserves it a little more. Plus, he went to JMU - go Dukes!

Larry W Johnson II said...

oduro and beckham are more like most improved/motivated players. oduro was almost scary good at points this year, same with sapong.