Thursday, June 23, 2011

RE: Rapids SUBJECT: A Call to Arms

The Rapids knocked the Crew out of the playoffs last year on their way to winning the MLS Cup. That's cool. We're all good. Go up there and meet the President. Congrats.

When I ventured out to follow my local soccer team this year I made sure to check up on all the current blogs and newspapers already doing so. There weren't many. Massive Report does a great job (Matt Bernhardt, glad he's on our side). Shawn Mitchell over at the Dispatch does a good job too. My favorite Crew blog is Global Football Today's David Burgin. Goddamn, he's good.

Over the last couple months I've gotten to read up on what other teams have as far as fans writing in either long form or short. I've learnt that some MLS teams have intelligent fans and some don't. I was happy to see last week that Houston had great coverage outside the official MLS stuff. But the Rapids? Ya'll suck. Your SB Nation report on the Crew was the most uninformed thing I've read to date. I already dislike SB Nation stuff because out of all the teams in the MLS the Crew are the only team that don't have a blog listed. But you? Your scout drivel on the Crew takes the cake. Saying the Crew hasn't won an away game right after the team just did was odd.

The Crew made some massive changes to their team this year and many thought that this would be a "down year" for the team and not find themselves in third place in the East with almost half the season over. Disjointed? Yeah. But here they are in the hunt.

I dislike calling out other teams based on reports and fans. It's about the players on the pitch. But this one struck a nerve.

Gaven. Mendoza. Marshall. Hesmer. Youngin's Meram, Balchan, Anor. And even you Gardner.

A Call to Arms. Go Crew.

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