Sunday, June 12, 2011

Unable to Resuscitate

The USSF hand picked USMNT team experienced a horrid loss last night against Panama.

In the build up before the game, Fox Soccer Channel's Eric Wynalda and Cobi Jones had casual fans believing this was going to be a 6-0 cakewalk over Panama. On some occasions barely stopping short of literally laughing at that nights competition.

Not knowing the first thing about Panama going in to the game and looking to read up. I was able to catch Ives Galarcep (FSC, same place Wynalda and Cobi play) excellent pre-game match up article. In it, Mr. Galarcep weaved a tale of caution that turned out to be oracle like.

As a casual fan of the USMNT I'm going to hold back on getting into how the players performed, Bradley coached and the current state of the USSF and only say that the US team looked flat, Panama played their guts out and Wynalda and Jones got a frustrating dose of humility.

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