Friday, June 3, 2011

MLS Castrol Rank Not Worth My Time?

Quickly now because the MLS Castrol Index is only updated once a month and there is a game on tonight and a mess of them tomorrow. Wait, crap. More games all this month? I just imagine this thing being created by some poor 19 year old stuck in a basement having to watch recorded MLS games on betamax, pausing and rewinding with no remote and no bathroom breaks. The biggest issue I have with what Castrol is trying to do here is just not sustainable. Don't believe me? Read up on how they are put together. It's also subjective (positive and negative movement the importance of different parts of the pitch). This "official" index is also only painfully updated once a month.

Outside of telling you how you are doing, good measurement systems need to be immediate. What if companies only tracked metrics once a month? With sports once a month updates might as well be last year.

That said; It would be awesome if there is a guy using a betamax machine though. His name would be Preston and he would use mechanical pencils with no erasers to take notes in wide ruled three subject notebooks.

Helltown supports Preston.

Anyway, I can't be critical of something without digging into it. I did. Here is how The Castrol Index stacks up to my list. Here is how Castrol see's the Columbus Crew. I could get into how Preston's index bottoms out at 4.25 for some inexplicable reason. What is interesting is that once Preston and I get past the top 50 players we actually start to agree. Preston just might be a crazy genius. stop making sense man!

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