Thursday, June 2, 2011

6-2-11 MLS Table(s), Presented by Matthew Delicâte

Wait... The River whats? Hey!

Ima posting up the first ever, one and only, new, free, + free shipping USL True table. Why the Dayton Dutch Lions not.

After running the numbers through Billy's computer machine it has been determined that Matthew Delicâte is (one of) the best players in the United Soccer League (USL Pro). Which, I'm starting to gather, is the highest level the USL has. In relationship to the MLS is it right below it and to the right. NASL is on the left. Not sure why these guys can't agree on getting together. Well, I do know. And they need to get back together now. The arguement in the US for promotion/relegation in my lifetime (by region, East/West, depends on it). Story for another day.

Matthew Delicâte is leading the league in my overall performance category and leading the league in my offensive list. In fact, he has been leading things in the USL for a while. This year he has 6 goals at 3 assists in 9.3 games played for the Richmond Kickers. Hey MLS! Crew? Anybody? Pick this Welshman up.

Okay. Here is the MLS table that includes last nights Chivas Whitecaps west coast only, past my bedtime matchup. I'm actually upset Chivas could only put one past the 'Caps. Table Update: 6-4-11
Let's go over the top with recent Richmond Kickers action. Way over.

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