Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Finishing Quality (Control)

The Columbus Crew. My Columbus Crew. My Canaries. My Nordecke muse. My summer habit... Have not scored a goal during the run of play in half of their 14 games to date this year.

All totaled? The 14 goals in 14 games is misleading. It's 9 goals and 5 penalty kicks. That is by far the worst in the league. To the point that it is a near butchering of the Beautiful Game.

Only once this year has the team topped more the one goal in a game during the run of play (vs. Chivas a few weeks ago). If that doesn't make me reach for my 12 year old Caol Iia single malt, by Ardbeg, nothing will.

There is a direct correlation between getting fouled and PKs for the Crew this year. They are the most fouled team. And as a team, the Crew is tied with DC for the most goals off PKs. Eddie Gaven? The most fouled player.

Going back to the 9 run of play goals. As a fan it's a tough watch. Andres Mendoza, the controversial Designated Player as he is, generated the only spark of offensive brilliance for the Crew this year. The team has 5 goals in 3 games during the run of play in a row with him starting. His high salary might have been a mis-fire by the teams administration, but with his presence he has outdone Renteria playing in Warzycha's early season one man front formation.

There is a remarkably poor stat that the Crew have this year. It is in the number of shots it takes the team to score.


That's 4 more then the next worst team (New England). That's 4.9 goals out of 100 shots. The best in the league is San Jose at one goal per eight. Let that sink in. Let it soak.

Just as a baseline; I ran the numbers for the English PL. No team is below 10% goals per shot. The MLS league average is 9%. I'm begging you - Crew. Don't make me go into English supporters leagues to get to a 4.9% goals per shot quality.

If The Crew want to go back to playing with a one man front and rely on the occasional PK to get them that all important game winning goal? Then so be it. I hope they like the middle of the table, because that's where they will wind up. Draws a plenty and the Beautiful Game left wanting for the European leagues to begin anew.

The Columbus Crew. My Columbus Crew. My Canaries. My Nordecke muse. My summer habit.

You have some work to do.

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