Friday, June 17, 2011

Another way to change Sunday's CREW 1 DYNAMO 2 Headline

Been a while since I posted up any of those pesky power rankings. So here it be. I've taken the time to keep up with stats for each player so I need to get something out of that right? I'm half inclined to simplify teams into 4 simple categories.


The Crew and the Orange Crush fall into the foggy MEDIOCRE category. I've often thought about separating players in the same way. Maybe I will. Anyway, a win between these two teams gives hope to die hard fans that their average team will become good. Albeit, from opposite sides of the spectrum.

Houston has a mess of good players and one great one (A spectacular Mr. Davis). A win here would be their second in a row and it could be said after the game that the Dynamo are on their way.

For the Crew it is a different story. A win here would be excellent, but the team doesn't have any "great" players right now. It has one (Gaven) that is right on the edge of being great, but not there yet, and a defensive back line that is looking to return to form. With so many players on the injury list, 3 points in this game will only raise more questions then answers.

Unless it is decisive for the Fighting Canaries.

From what I can gather the Crew might be looking at going back to a loaded MF with one up front. Overlapping outside defenders galore (Miranda is a hard worker up front and delivers positive services). If that happens, it very well might put Mendoza in his element. Same goes for Eddie, for that matter, if used in the middle of the field.

That's all speculation at this point though. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to believe that Warzycha will come out in the same formation as the last few games. His team is loaded with all around talented players, but lacking in specialists. A loaded MF might be just what the doctor ordered.

Speaking of doctors... still looking for 6'5" Liverpool born and Gerrard fan Andy Iro to get minutes. It'd cool Bleeno's heart during those hot southern nights.

On that...

Premier League fixtures released today!


Bleeno said...

didn't know we had a scouser on the team!

Larry W Johnson II said...

get 'em in there coach!