Wednesday, June 8, 2011

US Mutant Ninja Turtles

A very positive performance from the U.S. team last night against Canada. A slow start attacking-wise turned on its head by the middle of the first half. Canada were content to let the boys keep possession early on and I think it gave some of the freshman crew a little time to adjust to the game and the crowd and settle any butterflies.

Movement of the ball was much better than against Spain, but then, like I said, Canada wasn't putting nearly as much pressure on as Spain was. But nonetheless, the U.S. were making smart decisions getting the ball moving forward. keeping it on the ground for the most part, save for the occasional, irritating, hoofing upfield.

I was surprised at Altidore's perfomance up front. He is so much better with a buddy in attack. And I have high hopes for he and Agudelo and Wondolowski to entertain us throughout this Gold Cup.

And Dempsey. where oh where would we be without Clint Dempsey. strong on the ball. patient. intelligent. gets into good spaces. that guy is a solid forward and midfielder. expect goals from him.

Nice work, fellas. looking forward to the next one. and the Crew play tonight.

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