Saturday, May 18, 2013

Predictions: Crew (A) v Toronto

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Columbus is in Toronto this week to take on the Reds. Game starts 5:00 PM EST.

- Toronto has taken the fewest shots of any team this year
- Crew have been shut out last two game, both at home
- Bobby Convey signed by TFC last week, may play
- TFC and DC only teams with only one win
- Last TFC win was 2nd Week of season
- Crew missing starters O'Rourke, Viana, Marshall, Arrieta today


Starting off with both Drew Epperley (WV Hooligan) Patrick Guldan (Massive Report) because both think this has 1:1 draw in it. Epperley puts it well:

I keep waiting for them to turn the corner and be a contender this season but maybe it just isn’t in the cards for them in 2013.

BET365 give Toronto FC fairly normal home odds. Favors them 7/5. Draw 11/5 and Crew Win 2/1.

"Your Vote" predictor at Win Draw Win like the Crew this week, doubling up TFC actually (43% Crew, 21% TFC). They also mention a medium stake on a 1:0 Crew victory. Considering the odds at Bet365, that is the reason.

Pick 'Em club at says this is a Draw as well, five of the six on that panel think that.

I think has given up on MLS. Appears to only be three votes on their poll and the results map is way off.

Adam Jardy likes the Crew this week: "Someone’s luck should change today, and the Crew has the more talented roster."


Looks like everyone has a these two sort of stinking the place up with a bore draw. That's probably not that far off the mark. One thing is for certain is that games like this are the kind that only fans watch. Honestly, even they are finding it harder.

Is it possible that we will see a masterpiece theatre of soccer out there? No. But there is always the chance that we could see a moment of brilliance or two.

The Crew have enjoyed a very easy first 11 games this year. Average opponent league rank is now around 13th. Toronto isn't any good. This is another 'should win' for the Crew.

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