Sunday, May 12, 2013

Crew Rd 10: Again? Shutout at Home

Despite generating a number of chances, the Columbus Crew fall to the Colorado Rapids two:nil at Crew Stadium.


This game got off to at fast start. After Jairo Arrieta almost 'stole' an early goal, Colorado game down finished their chance in the 9th minute. The goal was scored by former Crew player Edson Buddle who, without the ball, weaved his way through half of Crew team to get himself in position. Some really poor defensive play as five Crew players were playing the ball.

From there the game turned into more what fans of both these squads have come to expect. Teams on hyper speed, no patience and unable to string 2 or 3 passes together. Columbus did manage a couple shots on target but nothing really troubled the Rapids' goalkeeper.

More of the same. There was a slight difference in the Crew as they usually come out of halftime with a spark. It wasn't there this game. Energy was up but no extra pep. In fact, 10 minutes of the half went by before the Crew were even able to get an attempt off. Odd considering the team had a season high 22 shots on the night.

By the time the 60th minute rolled around the Crew were playing themselves back into better offensive areas. Unfortunately Colorado was able to get a lucky deflection from a Dillon Powers shot that wound up beating Andy Gruenebaum.

From there, even the Nordecke seemed to quiet. The Crew players forged on playing okay but lacked any sort of quality finishing.

• The Crew weren't lacking effort, just lacking skill and patience. Talented players but at times they look like strangers out there.

• What's the rush, Crew? Calm down. I dislike soccer in hot summer temps but it might be the best thing for this group.

• Know that part in Indiana Jones were the guy goes nuts whipping around his sword and Indiana just pulls out his gun and shoots him? That's the Crew in last two games. The sword guy.

• Dominic Oduro is not a midfield player. In order for the Crew to win games they need strong play in the middle third to free up Higuain. Instead, it's pretty much just Eddie Gaven and Higuain running all over the place.

• Crew passing in the middle third was in the 70% range, about the same as Colorado. That needs to be better. Aside: Crew chances came from the Rapids terrible distribution in their own 1/3rd.

• Two losses in row at home, both shutouts. Quickest way to lose your fans.

• This is the only 3 game homestand the Crew have this year. 3pts from it.

• After Toronto FC this weekend the schedule gets pretty difficult. NY, Houston, Philly, Montreal. All teams above them. Crew have proven to struggle with better teams since the middle of last year.

• Lastly, this game was the last for long-time 'does everything' Crew man, Duncan Oughton. I've never heard anyone say a bad thing about him and he has been with the club for a decade. If there was one person in the Crew org that should have been retained, it was him. Duncan heads out for his new assistant coach job in Toronto this week.

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