Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eddie Gaven's Injury [UPDATED]

Late on in an inspired game against the Dayton Dutch Lions, Eddie Gaven was tackled by Taylor Lord while charging down the inside edge of the 18 yard box. Lord seemed to get the ball but also sent Gaven tumbling to the ground.

In looking through the Crew Facebook page today I noticed that there were two photos taken by Greg Bartram (for USA Today Sports Images) of the tackle. Be sure to look Greg up if you need a good photographer.

Above are (rather hastily put together) screen caps of two photos taken during the tackle. I found them pretty amazing. Not sure too much can be derived from them right now but after we find out the nature of the injury it might make more sense. I will update as news comes out about his injury.

The Columbus Crew would be dealt a serious body blow if Gaven is out for an extended period of time.

As of the time of this writing the Crew have said it is a leg injury and he is getting it looked at today. Gaven was taken off the pitch on a stretcher and said to have left on crutches.

Along with Federico Higuain, Eddie Gaven was the difference in the Crew's 2:1 win over Dayton last night.

[UPDATE, Thursday May 30, 6 PM: Adam Jardy of the Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the Crew will release Gaven's injury details Friday afternoon. This likely means it is more serious then a normal hamstring or sprained ankle. This may be the old crusty DC side of me talking, but releasing it late also allows the Crew to pull together positive articles to get out in front of the bad news].

[UPDATE; Thursday May 30, 10 PM: It's an ACL injury. Eddie is out for the year. Details to come from the club on Friday. “Eddie Gaven does so many things. If you ask anybody on this club, they’re going to tell you that there’s only one Eddie Gaven." - Robert Warzycha.]

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