Thursday, May 9, 2013

Crew Rd. 9: NY Win at Crew

New York beat the Crew in Columbus last Saturday.

I was not able to catch the game live but was able to see it Monday in time for the Massive Report podcast. As mentioned there, I think that the Crew played well for the Crew but didn't necessarily play well - as in - generally playing soccer well. The Crew did generate good chances but the finishing wasn't good enough to be the New York 'keeper.

This game was one of New York's off games (their Achilles' Heel over the years). Josh Williams and co. did an excellent job of neutralizing Thierry Henry but if the Crew want to be considered as one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference (let alone the entire league) they should be taking care of these games at Crew Stadium.

"Looking good" but losing at home 1:0 to a semi-interested club looking down the barrel of a three games in eight day stretch is the hallmark of a mid-table team. Not one whose General Manager still thinks can host the MLS Cup match.

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