Sunday, May 5, 2013

Para Español, Marque el Numero Dos

Columbus Dispatch columnist Bob Hunter talked about Mark McCullers' comments on optimism in today's Dispatch and that kind of talk ringing hollow. Or sounding like a mere sales pitch. Then he lets loose with what you see on the left (more powerful in print).

I have to admit that this past Thursday when McCullers once again told the press and cameras that he believes the MLS Cup could come through Crew Stadium and this being a special year, it came across remarkably flat. Like, the automated voice you get when you try to pay your bills via telephone.

"Press one for OPTIMISM. Para Español, marque el numero dos."

Before the start of the year I predicted them to finish 6th in the East but now thinking 5th (or even 4th is easily possible) because they have a couple dangerous players, solid defense and are staying healthy. I guess that's not rainbows, unicorns and puffy blue clouds but it is good. As in; optimism based in reality with achievable goals.

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