Friday, January 25, 2013

Crew Roster Update, In Flux

Here is an updated summary on the Crew roster as far as I can figure going into this weekend.


$2.22 Million : Salary to Cap

$2.95 Million : 2013 MLS Cap*

$730k : Open Cap Space

Salary to cap includes my own estimates on wage increases over last year. Overall, I'm including a 8.6% pay increase from players with contracts carrying over to the Crew.

ROSTER SIZE (estimate)

23 : Players with Crew Contracts (20 : to Cap)

9 : Players "on Trial"

32 : Total



Blake Brettschneider
Drew Beckie
Daniel Withrow
Reed Matte
Shawn Sloan
*Nate Bascom (ONU)
*Kyle Hyland (IUPUI)
*Krystian Witkowski (PHI)
*Sercan G├╝venisik (SJE)

[*UPDATED, SAT JAN 26 2012: Added players. Thank you Erik Bobbitt for the Guvenisik note]

I'm pretty sure that most the trialists have a strong shot of getting signed due to small roster size. Brettschneider would be a good get for the Crew and I'm basically calling Beckie signed.

Columbus has a mountain for salary cap space. Matias Sanchez is rumored to be heading to Columbus but is as of yet confirmed. I would not expect Sanchez to be a Designated player but would expect his salary to be at Mirosevic levels (200-250k).

In my roster image. Guys in blue are estimated. Not in blue but given a raise is Josh Williams. I suspect with him being pegged for a starting role he will make starting salary (65-100k for US born MLS players).

Keep an eye on Massive Report. I'll start posting this roster stuff there once the team takes better shape in the next couple weeks.

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