Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cap Post on Massive Report

Put together a cap summary post on Massive Report tonight. The point of it was to get across the fact that the Crew have plenty of space and that it is getting a little late in the game to have it (perhaps).

I also posted up a mess of shots in the dark on salaries. We'll know soon enough if they are correct. The more I play around with salary figures the more I am starting to think the Crew way over paid for Viana and Glauber. I have them around 100k, but it's entirely possible they are closer to 200k.

One other thing I am reaching on is Josh Williams salary. I put him up at 70k. It's likely he has a new contract and based on his likely starter status I estimate it to be at least that much. Fellow NE Ohio player Justin Morrow, who was just in the USMNT game got a raise mid year 2012 (44k to >100k).

Anyhow, check out the post over there. I'm happy I got a roster post up. Out of my system.

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