Friday, February 1, 2013

Duka for Oduro, It Is Done. Balchan.

Dilly Duka and Dominic Oduro have swapped sides... A romance that had been rumored for sometime. It'll be interesting to see if Major League Soccer stepped in to make this deal happen. Ultimately, it's a couple talented players caught in the middle between a bunch of lunkheaded jocks trying to run professional sports teams.

Not to be lost in the Duka / Oduro deal in all of this is a player Chicago had to release in order to make room for Duka in Chicago. Rich Balchan. Former Crew player and witness to Kirk Urso's passing last year. You've got to imagine that it's been a remarkably difficult year for both but they are are talented players and will be successful at their next stop. I wish both of them the best in the future.

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