Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Podcast + Crew Highlight Video

New podcast is up over at Massive Report. Again, Matt Goshert, Chris LaMacchia, Rick Gethin and Mr. Justin Bell do all the work. Matt asks me to join during the 3rd segment to talk about my "Of Stone Block and Clay" post. It's really great to get to join in with them, also great just to talk some soccer.

Tonight, spent some time chopping up the Crew's preseason goals during the 2013 Disney 'Classic'. The Crew have outscored the competition 8 goals to 2. Granted, it might play out that Toronto and Philly are weak MLS sides... Here:


Finley kicking Frei in face :30

Finley working around keeper :40

Ethan Finlay brilliance follows...

Marshall hurt 1:45 Eddie hangs back to check on him. It's actually a sort of emotional moment for me. Both these guys have seen a good deal, not just in black and gold, but also red white and blue.

New signing's brilliance 1:50

Finally, Josh Williams Goal... 2:07 (convert that Williams goal to memory, true believers. As soon as he struck it he was on his way over to assistman Higuain before it was in the net. Know how many times I've seen a defender one time a ball 6" from the ground for goal? The guy is special.)

Song I used is "Gumball Machine Weekend" by Yppah. Good stuff.

Winter is almost over. The 2013 MLS season is nearly upon us... prediction is coming. Stay tuned here an at Massive Report.

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