Sunday, February 24, 2013

Orlando Trip

The 2013 Disney World Pro Soccer Classic wrapped up yesterday as the Montreal Impact took down the Columbus Crew 1:0. Montreal looked far superior just about from start to finish.

Working on a post over at Massive Report that will try, among other things, to tie together the potential relationship between this tournament and how teams will finish this year. It's a tricky thing, that. Fans seem to dismiss this, the "mouse cup," but I've spent a great deal of time watching it this year and think the performances will play out in the end.

Players and coaches are taking it seriously. Lots of first team players and regular season intensity. The tournament deserves at least the respect the participants have put in to it.

After having enough of watching streaming matches online, I headed down to Orlando to check out things for myself for the final day of games, February 23rd. A full slate. Four matches.

After the match Andy Gruenebaum and Josh Williams thanked each (a dozen or so) fan for making the journey down (or out) to Orlando to watch the club play.

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