Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Massive Report Post, Added Notes

Over at Massive Report, my 2nd: MLS SUPERDRAFT: "Four Beers and a Prayer"

I buried it but the "Four Beers..." refers to the Crew Technical Director's comment last week about how some deals get done in advance of the draft. Basically he said they happen at a bar the night before. I thought it was funny that an exact number was called out. It's as if to say that it's more than a couple - but not a six pack. I know (hope??) it was a facetious statement, but thought it was very telling considering the Crew aren't making any moves yet.


At the end of the MR post I make reference to a 1964 25 year old scotch. If you walk that back it takes you to the start of WWII. I've heard of scotch around this time because of my English grandmother who was in the RAF at that time. This is a near priceless single malt. I've never, and will never, have that scotch. Not many will. The reference is more for me.

My nana turned 90 this past November. Most of my family gathered on the Outer Banks of NC to celebrate. I'm hoping to write more about this soon but will share one of my favorite moments was her kicking around a hallway full of balloons.

"Your pretty good at that," I said.

"We did invent this game, you know" was the response.

A passing comment for her but sober reminder and perspective giving statement of many things for me. One (among a great many) of which is that she was around when most EPL teams are where most MLS teams are now.

Shortly after that she reminded me, whilst pointing to the 20+ family members in the room, that "when I came here all those years ago, it was just me and your mother."

(In sharpish English tone).


One of the things that is still grabbing hold of my attention is exceptionally small size of the Crew roster this close to the season. Some of this might have to do with the MLS schedule moving up a couple weeks but that's hardly an excuse for having a roster number well short of 'adequate' for any full professional team in any league in the world.

The 5 picks the Crew have between tomorrow's "super draft" and Jan. 22 supplemental draft will/could take the roster up to 26. Add + 2 for the rumored "international" signings seems to round the roster out nicely for the Crew.

Lots of red flags though. Like, why shed so many experienced players and pile on loads of work in the upcoming draft? Going with an unknown is always a gamble but going with this many is a giant goddamn risk.

A lot of these moves smell like 'keep em young and dumb' type things. Which is a control tactic (in sports, business and relationships) that is usually part of a downward spiral (which can often be destructive).

My illustration on MLS SUPERDRAFT: "Four Beers and a Prayer" comes from the fact that I needed to post things up early enough in front of the draft tomorrow. I finished the post a couple days ago but wanted an illo. Busy last night but wanted to get it up today. I was at work so it's all done in MS EXCEL, converted to PDF and saved as a JPG in MS Powerpoint. What?! all I had, missed lunch for that sucker.

Here's some 8-Bit Weapon to get you in the mood.

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