Monday, January 21, 2013


The first thing that struck me when the official news of Milovan Mirosevic came down was that of something David Burgin (*more after the block quote) and I talked about last summer, about halfway through the 2012 season.

June 8th, 2012 to be precise. The post was an EPIC and we covered just about everything CREW. Here is an excerpt from that conversation that covered Milovan Mirosevic:


BURGIN: I’ll start with Mirosevic. The new man from Chile has been struggling to fit in with Columbus. What is his role? Who should partner the veteran national teamer? To this point in the season I believe the dilemma for Milovan results from the interplay displayed by the Crew as a whole; not in the search for individual purpose. The realization that the tandem wing components (Anor/Meram and Gaven/Duka) are emerging quickly, should allow Mirosevic to fold himself into the fabric of the team given the correct partner. When healthy, Milovan Mirosevic should be starting.

HELLTOWN: Mirosevic is a really good soccer player that has been thrown head first into a violent league. I think he even took on some MLS traits and it lead to injury (too much sprinting and going to ground). A limited scope in back would help him relax and release his talent (sort of like letting a freshly poured stout settle in a pint glass) and allow him to get up top when he wants and not when he’s forced.)

BURGIN: Mmm, freshly poured stout, patience and a bar stool.


*For those that don't know, Mr. Burgin wrote about the Crew for Global Football Today until this past summer when his life became a little too busy for him to cover the club. His unique take on the Crew (often poetic) is missed. His take on Mirosevic (above) was dead on.


Here's one of my favorite Burgin gems. It comes from a post entitled: Seattle 0-2 Crew. TV On, Feet Up, Window Open. Musical Score for Intense Game Provided by Kermit and Cousins.

"With hundreds of Frogs and Toads belting out their version of the underdog’s aria from the pond not far from my open window, I watched Gruenebaum and his Columbus Crew teammates shoot across the unfriendly confines of the Seattle Sounder’s packed stadium; finishing a daunting two game West coast road trip with a stunning 2-0 victory over the Emerald City team. Joining Andy Gruenebaum in the spectacular night time display, once again, was Justin Meram."


Those that view things from the abstract. The poetic. They; from behind the easels that litter the landscapes of lost countrysides. Them that through the lens of artistic perspective - gain it. They are often those who have already tread where you are now. Learn to seek them out in all their seeming absurdity and consume as much as you can.

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