Friday, January 11, 2013

Barson Signs, Crew Cap and Roster Update

Chad Barson, a 6'10" 170 lbs Defender and multi-year starter from The University of Akron has joined the 2013 Crew roster as a Homegrown signing. For more information of the player check out the Akron website or the Official Columbus Crew outlet (which includes a rather awkward locker room picture).

With the addition of Barson the Crew roster ticks up to 22 players. Once the club roster fills up to 28-30 players I do not believe he will count towards the cap given the available information out there (roster spots 21-30 don't hit cap so this puts him in the $35-47k range).

Here are estimates by position, to date:
$860k : Midfield
$680k : Forward / Attacking
$630k : Defense
$85k : Goalkeeper



Here is a chart with the same information:

There are rumors that the club is close to two international signings (news via various twitter accounts including the Dispatch's Adam Jardy, who also quoted GM Mark McCullers addressing the office staff with, "We can win with this group." Implying that the Crew are comfortable with current roster going into the season. Key phrase, "can win" needs to change to "will win".

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