Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Ponderance Around Us

The Truth About Cars. An excellent place to check out. There was a recent post about non-union workers in the South. Good stuff. Great conversation. Hits home here in Columbus. Where a battle line is being drawn between each and the other.

The reason I bring it up is because I've been thinking about the places I get Columbus Crew news and notes and asking questions about how it affects me empirically, emotionally, logically, and aesthetically.

Outside of the comments I get from Bleeno and Smitty on the Crew, I'm wondering...

What shapes my opinion of the 2011 team outside of just watching them play live and an TV? Was it Shawn Mitchell's mid-season player profiles coming from the mighty Columbus Dispatch? Perhaps it was Aaron Katzeman at Massive Report. Supporters twittering. Heck, it could have been Ashleigh Ignelzi's Crew coverage on

Was it 15 year old Glenlivet. Nana's choice, Gordon's G&T. Billy's choice; San Pellegrino and Johnson's Midnight Moon. Maybe it was a dash of a thundering Hans Zimmer score. Or. If you must. An equally equating, yet fragile James Newton Howard piece.

It's an interesting thing to explore.


Unknown said...

Goff and Maurer here at the post shape mine, and Straus from Sporting News cause he's local.

Unknown said...

And at the games I pay more for Bud than it costs for 2 fingers of Glenlivet (though I really should be taking a flask, they'd never know at RFK, that's endearing)