Tuesday, September 1, 2009


There I was all happy that I posted more in one month (in August) then I had ever done before and my home computer crashed. Good timing.

The decision has been made to go with a PC. I haven't shopped for a computer in say, 6 years, but I have to admit that it is fun to do. Everything is cheap (relatively speaking) compared to what it was back in 2003. I can get a PC tower 16 times faster then my iMac for $300. Unbelieveable. Meanwhile, on the Apple side, I'm out of luck. Too expensive for me unfortunately. I feel like I sound like one of those damn commercials. Maybe going with a PC for a while (getting swamped in bloatware and my credit card info stolen) will force me back to Apple. We shall see. With Mac I see safety and effieciency. With PC's I see cheap power and the wild west when I'm online.

I'm keeping my ljbaby@mac.com email address. I just signed back up last month and I can still check it online.

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