Friday, September 18, 2009

Grove City National News

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I've mentioned this before. It's difficult to write about all that goes into an issue like this. But it is sad for the school just in general. I really dislike how the levy was put to vote in that it was all or nothing. There was no "pay for play" option in the vote. I hate that. The school district seems to think that people will be scared into paying more taxes to a group who mis-manages their funds. They were not tricked.

Ohio is a working class state that bleeds football, yes. But to go to a school that has no athletics? I'm conflicted and confused.

This issue impacts me greatly as many I work with live in Grove City. Asking people for an extra $50 or 100 bucks a month is a huge deal. That's gas to work, another two weeks medication to keep you well, or an electric payment. The question people are asking is if athletics, music and art existed before on the same tax rate (that's a % folks), why are they asking for more now?

The article does mention the Somali population, which I like, but doesn't really explain the impact on a town like this. Columbus was one of the cities that took in refugees back in the mid 90's (see; Black Hawk Down). I work with a number of Somalians at work. That impact, in and of itself, is a topic for another day.

The article mentions that yet another vote (already voted down 3 times) is up in November. By then football season will already be over, but alas, the school is putting in pay for play this time. Imagine that.

Some people are calling the 'no' voters the 'angry mob'. Yes. It may be just that. But this mob knows when it is being fucking lied to. From the top down, start to finish, this thing is a mess.

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