Thursday, September 3, 2009

Madden 10 Redskins Update

I'm working my way through the season sucessfully. First and foremost; it hasn't crashed once or frozen up or lost my saves. Great news to me as I have been burned many, many times before.

Right now I'm 8-3. I can attribute most of my wins to the defense. While the scoring against me has been high, most of it is coming off Jason Campbell INTs. He is 12 TDs to 17 INTs. Terrible. That's 1.5 INTs a game. I'm sticking with him though.

Portis is averaging over 100 yards a game. I'm working him pretty hard and over the past couple games he has gone down with minor injuries. I like that somewhere coded in the game it recognizes that. Portis has also passed the 10,000 yard career mark. Pretty impressive.

Cooley is my leading receiver. I can't think off hand what he has, but he got most of it early in the season when I wasn't comfortable throwing to my wide outs. More recently I've been going to Thomas and Moss. Thomas drops a few, but when he catches it in the open he runs over DBs.

Overall my offense is ranked somewhere in the middle of the league, however, passing I am 28th.

On the defense side of the ball I'm a big run stopper. I'd like to attribute this to just having a good defense but more likely it is because the CPU just can't run. There have been a couple teams run the ball well against me (NY Giants, St. Louis), but all others get held to under 75 yards or so. Last game I had I held Westbrook to 46 yards on the ground.

That's all I've got to report for now. When I get my computer at home I can come up with more precise stats.

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