Sunday, September 13, 2009

Skins Week One and Buckeye Notes

The Redskins lost. As with things last year the defense did just about as much as they could with a very inconsistent offense. I knew going in that the Giants defense would give Campbell a hard time. But, silly me, I thought that as long as Campbell didn't make mistakes (like last years 6-2 start) they had a chance. What ended up happening is that he still looked like an in-experienced pro. He had a fumble and one really bad INT when he crossed the line of scrimmage and still threw an interception. sigh.

Buckeye Notes:

As I watched the Ohio State Buckeye game on Saturday night I realized that I was actually routing for them. However, I believe this to be a fleeting feeling as I start putting some of the team drama pieces together.

Ya see... here in Columbus the world revolves around the Buckeyes. I could give examples of craziness, but it wouldn't hit home the intensity of the fandom for the team. It is completely over the top.

Now, where I come in is more of a person who enjoys sports. I enjoy college football well enough to respect it and traditions. I know a good bit of the history behind the love affair this area has for the Buckeyes and can understand it (to a point).

What burns me up though is that for all the emotion this area has for the team you would think that there would be some more knowledgeable folks out there about the team. Case in point here is something that struck me last year. There was a quarterback, a senior, who was starting in the big game against USC. I can only imagine how ready he was, how excited. Heck, the guy passed for almost 2500 yards the year before. Well, they took him out the 2nd play of the game and in that the coaching staff decided to play a top rated freshman off and on during the game. After this happened a couple of times they showed the senior, sitting on the bench with his head down. In the end, the Bucks got blown out. I don't think I have ever witnessed something like that on a collegiate level. It was very sad.

Flash forward to this year when the Bucks are playing USC again, this time at home. I'm thinking to myself, 'okay, I think they did what they did last year to get this young quarterback experience for this game'.

I was giving the coaching staff too much credit. After embarrassing themselves at the end of the first half with piss poor clock management, the Buckeyes, still in the game after half, did nothing on offense and their young, so called superstar, played very poorly. They lost.

This morning I expected to see many an article about the poor play by the quarterback or at the very least, the botched time management debacle at the end of the first half. I got neither of those.

So why am I mentioning this? Why does it matter to me? I have to tell you. As much as this town wants to think they are the best, they they have the best coach and the best quarterback in the land, they do not. Even in a loss everyone from the local writers to the players and fans of the team, they don't know what to look for.

What they did last year to Todd Boeckman is unforgivable. It went against everything I thought a even tempered, legendary, mid-western, steeped in tradition school would do. Last night, they got out played and out classed by USC.

From where I sit, out played is fine, but out classed? Especially when you are a school like the Ohio State? Unforgivable.

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