Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zero and 19 Team Wins

I watched the Redskins game from a unique perspective today. Since it wasn't on TV I was just able two follow it play by play online (like many do, just I've never done). I've also read a lot of the fans reaction, post game now.

So, I have two perspectives here. One: the emotions of the fans that saw the game live and, Two: what I saw on the stat lines only.

The fans saw a team that was asleep at the wheel the first half. A team that looked un-inspired. What I saw was a defense doing the best they could with an offense that did nothing. Washington ended up holding the Lions to 19 points. The Lions scored 27 in their opener against New Orleans and 13 against the Vikings who have one of the best defensive teams in the league. One might say that the jury is out on what the Lions can do offensively. If you were to have told me that the Lions would score 19 on the Skins before the game, I would have said, okay, and taken it. I do not believe Washington's defense is the problem here.

What I'm seeing is a lot of people wanting Coach Zorn's head on a platter. I'm not sure that this is the best solution right now, but it would be satisfying if it happened. I do not think he is a head coach. The only person he is coaching is Jason Campbell.

I say that because I think he is coaching to get JC stats. I'm not saying this in some sort of conspiracy theory way. Just that he seems to be calling pass plays on clear run plays and so forth. The opponents D has to be scratching their heads sometimes I think on that front thinking "Okay, well, that was a funny call, it got them nowhere, and we still have all the time in the world to play our game." How else do you explain a QB rating of 92.5 on a team that can't score?

JC is getting his stats. But at the same time, I saw him put the ball on the ground twice today (well, read that in the play by play). I watched him do that last week as well. He also had another bad interception. On the year he has five (yes, 5) fumbles. I guess fans think that it's okay that he has only lost one? Not good. That's terrible. I'm looking around for another QB in the league that has that many official fumbles... none. Even Kurt 'butterfingers' Warner only has one this year. His worst year he had 12. Campbell is going to get to that total here in 4 weeks. He also has 2 picks. Not too bad I guess. But combine that with the fumbles and it's 7 individual, game changing errors (whether he recovers the ball or not).

Anyway, all this is funny because I'm in week 14 of my season with the Skins in Madden. Jason cannot be tackled because he'll drop the ball. He is also throwing more INTs then TDs. Even with that though, I keep playing him because his completion % is very high and he has a strong arm.

So what is the solution for the Skins after loosing to a team that is considered one of the worse in football history? I hate to say this... but do nothing to the coaching. Leave the pieces in place. The only thing I might change is on the player personnel side. It doesn't seem that any of these players have any fire in the belly. There isn't any competition. Sit Portis for a few weeks. Throw more to Devin Thomas and get Jason Campbell out of there. Heck, get the ball more to Yoder over Cooley.

Mix it up Redskins. We've still got most of the season to go and even though this is, absolutely, rock bottom that just means only one way to go.

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