Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm a PC

Working out the PC here and having to get a crash course in it at the same time. I realize there is nothing more exciting then reading about someone else setting up an electronic. But I have to tell you... going with a PC at home is a giant test in patience. I did realize a few things however.

Loads of information online about any particular problem you are having. Only draw back? Most of it is garbage. I had a screen flickering issue with my HDMI hook up. I went looking online to find a solution and came up with everything from turning off some user acceptance thing to turning off and on the TMM, screen refresh rates to just having a bad monitor. In the end I have just tried trouble shooting it calmly and smartly. I don't know if anything I tried works even still. But the screen isn't flickering as i write this. Maybe the cord was just loose.

I've also learned that HDMI is far superior to VGA. I know it is suppose to be, but the difference is night and day.

Another thing learned is that there are a mountain of updates when you first set your PC up. You start to wonder if anything in the box is configured to work right. Like if my graphics card people make an update then some other part in my system has to update as well. If Vista updates then everything does. It's never, freaking, ending.

Contrast this to my iMac... updates about once a week. Hell, Apple was updating some of my software that was a half decade old. Everything on it seemed to work together.

Another challenging thing for me has been trying to get my PC to talk with my Xbox 360... yeah, I've given up on that. If anyone out there knows anything about "Extenders" let me know.

I also de-installed my first program... Norton. It made it seem like the only use for my computer was to be wrapped up in a box and put in a sealed room. Alas, after doing so I was able to find some legitimate shareware to fill its place. I got the info from a person in the know at work. I DO NOT recommend trying to find it on your own.

Lastly, for now, I'll say that Google Chrome is outstanding. It was one of the reasons I could accept buying a PC. Yes, I know, Mac runs windows as well and I could use Chrome there. But that's like having an OS on an OS that's running a browser. Even the most beefy Macs are less powerful then this machine I have here.

Anyway... Enough! sheesh.

Hey, my screen isn't flickering...

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