Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Beatles

Spent some more time with the game this evening and put down the mic and only went with the drums so I could pick up some of the artwork and animations in the background. While I had my reservations at first about the stylized, video game-y look I have come to the conclusion that it looks wonderful. Everything is so polished, from the voice/lip sync to the music video hitting all it's marks. It's outstanding.

One note about the opening that I think I've gotten wrong is that it has more to do with Passion Pictures and Pete Candeland, although I'm sure Hewlett has something to do with it. Either way, very well done. The beginning of it struggles to mesh with the latter part, but ok. It makes me wonder if they should have went with that art style though out the game instead of the typical 3-D video game models. Even with that, I'm very impressed that each of the 45 tracks have their own 'video'. I think that may have been too tall an order for all involved in the production of the opening.

I'm sure however owns the game will see for themselves, but my clear surprise favorite song is 'And Your Bird Can Sing'. However, I could listen to 'Dear Prudence' over and over. Looks like Abby Road is the next album available for download soon. Sgt Pepper and Rubber Soul soon after.

(and did I just randomly throw out there a 'favorite Beatles song'?, sheesh)

Looking forward to the rest of the White Album where I can declare Rocky Raccoon as my super duper favorite.

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