Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Goods

I've wanted to catch up on mentioning this movie for a while now and with out the luxury of a computer at home, wasn't sure if it was worth writing about. But it is, so that's saying something. It is very much in the same vein of Used Cars. It is irreverent and in this it is funny. I feel that too many times in movies you get a joke that is actually another joke but danced around because it is PG-13 or just not PC. Here, you just get the joke. I'm thinking that statement doesn't make sense.

Jeremy Piven just lets loose and is very funny. Ed Helms wasn't given as much on this as he was with The Hangover, but is still great. I'm thinking that I like it more because of how it is just more of a comedy like you might have seen in the early 80's. One you possibly caught long after it came out but wish you saw when it came out.

I liked the way the movie looked. Empty, old, broken down and just plain normal. I also liked that it didn't come off as some giant vehicle for some star or that it was following some other trend that is out there. It's not a sequel, nor will it have one. It's not a superhero movie or a spoof of one. It stands on its own as a just a movie that was meant to be funny. Again... does that statement makes sense? If it does, then see the movie.

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