Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Madden and a done broke Mac

My old iMac is kicking up some dust on me. Literally and figuratively. My OS isn't mounting the HD. Not good. Everyone's favorite flashing question mark / Picasso logo is in play.

More on Madden:

I've started my franchise now with adjusted sliders for the CPU run game (bumped up) and on the All-pro difficulty at 13 minute quarters. I tested it on multiple exhibition games and it seemed to work well. I'm now through 3 pre-season games and pretty happy with results to this point. One thing I am enjoying more and more as I play is the tackling system this year. I think it is the best I've ever seen. It only took 20 years. Imagine that, getting tackling right on a tackle football game.

Hopefully I'll be writing more from my Mac at home soon.


Jim said...

Inglourious Basterds post coming soon?

Larry W Johnson II said...

Hoping to see it this weekend.