Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wendy Update, Warts and All

Wendy got rubbed down this weekend. Plus, she was taken out for her first real drive (not my 1st gear forward, then reverse). It's taken some work to get her going to this point. Tie rods for the driver front wheel and new break line for the same wheel. But she was taken out by my girlfriends brother and law. Seems simple to say just a couple things, but it is getting to that point that has to be taken into account. Anyway, we've gotten the tax, title and tags taken care off, along with the insurance. After a small oil leak is fixed tomorrow she is ready for the long trip from Circleville to Columbus. After that she is going to get some exhaust work done (very loud right now).

Soon after that the cosmetic work will begin. Interior progress has already been made. I've gotten a new arm rest for the center console, new grille and key locks.

It's really been fun to start restoring a car back to life. I'm not sure at this point how far I will take it so we shall see.

A large part of this restoration is figuring out who and when fixes will be made. The money and time in actually fixing something is much less then figuring out who will do it and how and for what price. All in good fun though.

One of the fortunate things about getting all this done is no state or county inspection. You hear that people? Ohio has none of that. If you have read any of my posts on my favorite car, the prius, you would understand. Inspections are a joke.

I think Audrea aka. Buttercup, is going to get me for posting one of these pics. It's okay buttercup!

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