Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sudbury, Home of the Prius!

From CNW: A now defunct research group. They got popular reporting this stuff. No, I don't think they are that reputable, but this quote is very funny.

"But it's not just the clouds of greenhouse gases generated by all that smelting, refining, manufacturing and transporting that worries green activists. The 1,250-foot-tall smokestack that spews huge puffs of sulphur dioxide at the Sudbury mine and smelter operation has left a large swath of the surrounding area looking like a surrealistic scene from the depths of hell."

And now a quick quote from Moonbattery...

"[some people] are under this impression that cars run on magic, yet when you step back, cars have not changed much in over 100 years."

Wait... It doesn't run using magical powers?

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