Sunday, September 15, 2013

Crew Rd 29, Surprised Impact

Federico Higuain and Chad Marshall the difference as the Crew catch a busy Impact in Montreal.

The flow of the game favored Montreal for large spells of the first half with the Crew not really looking up to playing at full speed. Overall, the play and intensity on the pitch came nowhere close the the energy of the Stade Saputo crowd.

The headed goal in the 23rd minute by Marco Di Viao was fitting in the way it was scored as the ball floated past a number of Crew players to an awaiting Di Viao who put away a simple header.

The Crew would up the energy for a couple minutes after that but it was short lived. The game returned to it's original state.

Another slow start to this one and little adjustments to either side for the first 20 minutes.

It wasn't until Chad Marshall awoke from a seemingly three year slumber to bury a set piece delivery from Federico Higuain. The goal was as satisfying as it was executed.

Marshall's goal spurred on the Crew to an eventual goal where Higuain teased away possession from a sloppy Impact. Higuain would find Dominic Oduro's run for a goal that put the visitors up 1:2.

From there the Crew were able to hold of Montreal for the rest of the match.

This win will certainly be an important one for interim head coach Brian Bliss. His adjustment to add Ethan Finlay (for Jairo Arrieta) to bolster the middle Oduro up top paid off immediately. In some ways it was like adding an extra player to the midfield because it pushed Oduro into a position up top that he is more comfortable with.

Very well worked by Brian Bliss.

Montreal is right on the inner edge of an extremely busy month. Actually, it's one of the busiest months a MLS team will have to play this year (no preferred scheduling for CCL like Seattle got early in year) and will likely stretch their very consistent lineup.

Sat, Sept 14 : vs Crew
Tue, Sept 17 : San Jose Earthquakes (Away)
Sat, Sept 21 : Vancouver (Home)
Tue, Sept 24 : Heredia (Home)
Sat, Sept 28 : Chicago (Away)

Hard to say that the either team outplayed the other. Montreal had the edge most of it, you could say, but the Crew snapped together after the Marshall goal and played with purpose.

The Crew host Chicago this weekend.

Only five games left on the season before what will likely be a busy offseason.

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