Sunday, September 1, 2013

Crew Rd 26, Out of Ideas

Crew went up a man in the 7th minute but couldn't find a way to break down Seattle. Game ended 0:1 Sounders.

Even after a delay of almost two hours, Crew players seemed excited and energized by the rather large crowd that stuck around to watch.

The game had just barely started with Ryan Finley broke free and Leo Gonzales grabbed his shoulder and 'prevented a clear goal scoring opportunity'. Or was it? The red was harsh. The foul happened right around the edge of the center circle on Seattle side and Finley really hammed up his tumble.

Not long after the Crew give up a free kick about 35 yards out. Mauro Rosales whipped in a free kick that found Eddie Johnson's run and they scored.

Seattle promptly dropped back into a defensive shell and held off the Crew for the rest of the half.

Seattle continued to hold off the Crew by bunkering. Columbus fired off bad shot after bad shot until it seemed everyone was just waiting for the 90th minute to arrive.


Seattle had zero interest in going forward in the 2nd half. Their shot chart is hilarious. But not hilarious is the fact that in doing what they did they played out a very modern approach to being a man down.

By not getting greedy they eliminated the only way the Crew could possibly score, which is catching too many tired Sounders pushing forward and getting caught in a counter attack. Rarely (if ever) do you see a team with the patience and will power to not get caught up.

Some of that could have had to do with three US Men's National Team players looking to not over extend themselves. Which leads me to say that this game is Exhibit A as to why Columbus doesn't get many of the biggest stars travelling to town.

The bottle tossing during a corner kick (right in front of a USMNT banner) doesn't help either.

Columbus hasn't had any creativity in attack all year. That didn't change last night.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY
Clint Dempsey did play in this match but you would hardly know it. Most of the match he was walking and had little interest in tracking back to play defense. He didn't have to.

When he did get on the ball he took the occasion to do a little flick back or nifty move that hearkened back to his last stint in MLS when he so dominated. Seeing him do it now though... it left me melancholic.

A player of Clint Dempsey's quality has no business playing in this game and I think someone as competitive as he is knows that.

I also think Jurgen Klinsmann knows that.

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