Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Good Warzycha Story

Great comment over at Massive Report under Patrick Guldan's Robert Warzycha: True Black and Gold piece. It comes from someone named "scudsmckenzie."

I felt the last paragraph really gets to the heart of who Warzycha is. As a soccer player, coach, man and Pole.

...as for warzycha, so long and thanks for the memories— my personal favorite warzycha moment was watching him dish out an utterly brutal two footed studs-up tackle at midfield, get NO ball, leave his man in a crumpled heap, and get up and start jogging to the locker room without even looking back to confirm that he’d gotten a red card. i’ll always remember that as the epitome of robert warzycha— tough, realistic, and a little bit hot-headed and delusional, with a pretty wicked bending service and a pretty limited vision of how the game should be played.

I'm sure that over the next handful of months there will many a story told about 18 year company man Robert Warzycha. The above is just one of early ones.

The gif above was created from something I found on youtube entitled "Norwegia - Polska [22.09.1993, 1.poĊ‚owa]". In it they cycle through the players one by one with live head shots (fairly advanced for the time). I thought it was neat. Warzycha a few years before he came on over to MLS.

The mechanisms of history can be a cruel thing but my hunch is that, years and years from now, Robert Warzycha will be remembered fondly in the annals of Crew soccer history.

Good stuff there Mr. scudsmckenzie. Great story.

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