Sunday, July 19, 2020

Things Lookin' Up, MLS Betting

I'm still sticking with my MLS is Back FAKE betting spree. There are things I need to get too. Namely, how TV ratings are really going stale and that they didn't get the bump they expected. Alas, I shall get to that soon. Maybe when the knockout rounds start. For now, I'm absorbing knowledge on sports and soccer betting. 


I've correctly picked 4 of the last 8 and 5 of the last 10 after starting an astonishingly bad 1 of 13. The early hole I was in has been erased and I'm about +$32 up (all my bets are around $25, save for the $100 I put on the Crew over Cincy).


8:00 PM EST
+145 Chicago Fire
+165 San Jose Earthquakes
Note: That's some odd confidence in Chicago. They did seem spirited in their first match. Something strange is going on with San Jose, admittedly. They've been in Orlando the longest, I heard. Even still. I like San Jose. But not overly confident about it.
10:30 PM EST
-162 Seattle Sounders
+425 Vancouver
Note: Seattle. That's as heavy a favorite as you'll see in MLS. It'd take a red card or some natural event for Vancouver to win. They are dysfunctional.

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