Wednesday, July 8, 2020

MLS is Back (Day 1 Betting)

"MLS is Back" despite removing one team and postponing another. Regardless, I thought it would be fun to place FAKE bets on the games going forward. I will post as much as time allows, but I am armed with a spreadsheet that updates with the odds as the days march on.

Speaking of days marching on... the only way to do this is to place my fake bets close to kickoff time because the situation appears to be fluid.

I'll continue to add posts and my betting totals in this completely once in a lifetime (we hope) MLS event. It could get messy. Will more teams drop out? Postponements? Rainouts? Will the MLSPA pull the players? The whole thing gets canceled? Strap in.

Orlando City vs. Inter Miami

TeamsOddsBet Amount
Orlando City200

WHY: Miami has more to gain by winning today. With winning comes relevance, something in short supply with expansion teams. Miami was really driving hard at the start of this season even though the quality of the team is questionable. They have been very active on social media and as far as I can tell, they have a mostly full roster. Don't discount media activity. It costs money, even more money if you want it to look good.


1. Only using a 3 Way Moneyline (picking the result. Team A or B win or a match Draw). Keeping it as simple as possible.

2. I'm using the MGM odds because that's the league's official partner.

3. Also, I'll be using updated odds from the Bet MGM site, not MLS. I've already seen differences. 

4. My odds are locked when I place my fake bet, usually about an hour before posting on Helltown.

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