Tuesday, July 14, 2020

MLS is Back Betting Update

My winnings, by game
My FAKE betting should be a cautionary tale to anyone trying to bet on MLS. I have only been able to correctly pick ONE GAME OUT OF ELEVEN. That's 1/11. Randomly generating winners would do better. 

I'm going to be locking in my picks now because I have a busy day and won't have time later. We are getting to see a couple teams for the second time now, so I'm going to up my little fake bets a little.

A couple notes: Chicago hasn't upgraded their roster or front office significantly enough to get them out of the cellar. Literally, all they have done is add a coat of paint. NYCFC has a growing goal problem. Three games this year and zero goals. They are a talented team, however. Lastly, Philly and Erst have put a good squad together in the last 24 months.

Chicago Fire220
Seattle Sounders120$50.00
Orlando City225
Philadelphia Union130$50.00
I'm a little surprised Seattle isn't even bigger favorites today. Speaking of Favorites... they have only won 3 out of the 11 games. That record is almost as bad as mine. It's also something I'm sure betMGM is looking at.

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